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Warm team+cool ideas
= Your success

We’re a spirited bunch!

We’re marketing consultants and project planners; strategic thinkers, brand storytellers, digital gurus and creative leaders.

We are your brand champion!


Laura Tetzlaff

Principal/Strategic Director

A self-proclaimed curiosity junkie, Laura gets excited by a new challenge. She’s the big brand visionary, strategic developer and trusted consultant personally invested in your business success.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, clients leverage Laura’s broad-based expertise to boost their marketing confidence and steer them in the right direction. Her combined branding, marketing, sales, and project management skills pack a powerful consulting punch.

Among her achievements are six nominations in the Canadian Special Events Industry as well as Lead Sales Manager, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts.

She’s been there, done that, and got a whole bunch of terrific T-shirts!

Laura's Experience

Experiential Marketing - 20 years
Branding - 15 years
Creative Direction - 20 years
Sales Management & CRM - 20+ years
Project Management - 20+ years
Client Services - 20+ years
Business Consultant - 10 years

Ryan Lawrie

Creative Director

Ryan is the Sandbox Marketing Creative Director. His passion? To help you develop your brand story. Because when you do you can spread the word about your business, find your perfect (and fiercely loyal) audience and be more profitable. 

Over his 20+ year career, he’s worked across multiple industries including consumer products, food and beverage, restaurants, catering, insurance, accounting, and financial services – as well as retail businesses such as gift shops, book stores, sporting goods and cannabis. If you want to tell your story and connect with your audience, Ryan is the one who can help you get there.

Ryan's Experience

Creative Direction - 20+ years
Brand Development & Storytelling - 20+ years
Graphic Design & Illustration - 20+ years
Product & Packaging Development - 15 years
Digital Design - 15 years

Kirstie Muller

Website Developer

Everybody needs a go-to person in their life who can solve a website problem, and Kirstie is that person.

She’s the Web Developer for Sandbox Marketing, and has over 20 years of experience with web development. Kirstie has worked with WordPress since it first appeared on the scene 18 years ago! She’s contributed to a variety of industries such as tourism, law, dental, insurance, service-based businesses, and business consulting. With this depth and breadth of knowledge – not to mention her tech know-how – you’ll be in the best of hands.

Kirstie's Experience

Wordpress - 16 years
Email Marketing - 20 years
Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing - 10 years
Google Data Studio, Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console - 10 years
Tourism Marketing - 20+ years

Mallory Hewlko

Digital Content Producer

Mallory is our Digital Content Producer…. or, digital storyteller, as we like to call her. Mallory has a distinct talent to translate industry-speak into plain English, then create imagery and video to visually support the messaging – all to make sure that the right people see it, understand it and engage with it.

She’s worked for sole proprietors, large corporations, as well as for several high-profile clients including CLIF Bar, the Whistler Film Festival and BC Bike Race. If you want a skilled digital storyteller to spread your story far and wide, Mallory is your pro!

Mallory's Experience

Marketing & Communications - 12 years
Digital Marketing - 6 years
Social Media Marketing - 6 years
Facebook Advertising - 5 years
Experiential & Event Marketing - 15 years
Video Production - 8 years

Sarah Ward

LinkedIn Connector

Sarah is our LinkedIn Specialist and Connector. She knows that a business owner only gets one shot to connect with their ideal client… and to make a great impression. Luckily for you, Sarah has the experience and results to make that happen for you in an honest, authentic and genuine way. In fact, it’s her passion!

Her experience includes operating her own content writing company, and working as a senior digital marketing coordinator. She’s helped companies big and small, and across all types of industries. Connecting with your clients is crucial for your business growth, and Sarah is the expert who can help you.

Sarah's Experience

Business Development - 20 years
Business Strategy - 20 years
Social Media Content Creation - 10 years
Digital Connection Campaigns - 7 years
Sales - 20+ years

Warren Thompson

Digital Marketing Strategist

If you’re a business owner who wants to make a big splash with your digital engagement then you need Warren. He has helped people grow their businesses and become better marketers for over 13 years.

Who has Warren helped over the course of his career? Everyone from small one-person companies to large 7000+ people enterprises in multiple industries like healthcare, higher education, professional services, ecomm, retail, SaaS, home services and more. There isn’t much Warren hasn’t seen – in fact, he shares his experience and knowledge as a lead digital marketing instructor at Brain Station.

Warren's Experience

Google Advertising - 8 years
Facebook Advertising - 5 years
CRM + email - 10 years
Social Media Marketing - 8 years
Search Engine Optimization + Marketing - 8 years

Dara Sklar

Productivity Specialist

If you want to work faster and more efficiently (and really, who doesn’t?) – Dara is your go-to pro. She’s the Productivity and Beyond Specialist at Sandbox Marketing. This means she shows people how to use their favourite computer programs more efficiently so they can work faster, especially with email and in their computer files.

And how did Dara become a productivity specialist? From her wide and varied experience that includes working as an administrator, marketer, copywriter, business strategist, sales funnel builder, systems builder and delegator. Wearing many hats means you have to stay focused to get everything done – it’s also her passion! 

There’s nothing Dara loves more than to help people – especially those who are stuck and overwhelmed.

Dara's Experience

Digital Organization - 20+ years
Online Course Creation - 5 years
Email Segmentation & Automation - 8 years
Sales Funnel Development - 5 years
Google Workspace Setup - 10 years

Lisa Manfield

Content Creator

Words matter. And Lisa ensures that every word in your marketing copy works hard to tell your story, engage your audience and drive results. A seasoned writer, editor, and communicator, she produces the content that informs, educates and ultimately converts your audience into customers.   

While she started her career in magazine publishing, Lisa has created content for a wide range of print, web and social media platforms including thought leadership articles, blog posts, case studies, SEO web copy, landing pages, lead magnets, feature stories and social campaigns. She has experience writing for both B2B and B2C audiences and offers a strong editorial hand in crafting just the right message.

Lisa's Experience

Editorial Direction - 20+ years
Writing & Editing - 20+ years
Content Strategy - 10 years
Social Media Marketing - 10 years
Teaching - 10 years

Joel Macleod

Graphic Designer

Have you ever had an image in your head, but couldn’t seem to get it on paper? Joel, our Graphic Designer, loves taking ideas that only exist in the imagination and bringing them to life. His designs help businesses stand out from the competition, connect with their ideal customers and make a bigger impact.

Joel’s work has been featured in design blogs and magazines in North America, Europe and Asia. He has worked with companies in transportation, construction, food and beverage, arts, health and wellness, financial services, real estate, event production, retail, and more. He ensures professional, cohesive and memorable visual identities that are authentic for each individual client’s unique brand identity.

Joel's Experience

Graphic Design - 6 years
Web Design - 5 years
Branding - 4 years
Project Management - 4 years
Creative Direction - 4 years

Brad Kasselman

Commercial Photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words! Memories are great, but capturing the moment forever is where the real story gets told and shared. Brad has been capturing memorable moments for sole proprietors, Fortune 500 companies and public sector clients for over 25 years.

Founder of BC’s largest event photo and video firm, Brad’s work has been featured on 70+ book and magazine covers. His notable achievements include having his photo selected for ICBC’s 2010 Olympic License plate and being an ‘Event Photo Supplier of the Year’ finalist for CSEME 2012.

Flowing with creative ideas and practical solutions, Brad knows how to highlight the best aspects of each client’s unique brand. His images capture imagination and inspire the viewer!

Brad's Experience

Portrait Photography - 20+ years
Commercial Photography - 20+ years
Event Photography - 20+ years
Video Producer - 20+ years
Talent Director - 20+ years

More is definitely more

For 20+ years, we’ve nurtured a trusted network of talented design, marketing, communication and event professionals. Web developers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, writers, social media managers, digital marketers, event planners….each one is an expert in their own field. We hand pick the right team for your specific marketing needs and budget. One team, guided by Sandbox Marketing, is dedicated to your distinct brand experience.

We are your marketing department, at a fraction of the cost.